The Compound Effect

von Darren Hardy

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  • When people get started in a new endeavor, they almost always overdo it. Of course, I want you to feel excited about setting up a rhythm for success, but you need to find a program that you can absolutely, positively do in the long term without renegotiation.

  • A friend to the SUCCESS team (who will remain unnamed to protect the guilty) decided after seeing a picture I’d posted of him on Twitter that he was going to get in shape. This was a massive shift of lifestyle for him. On the job, he sits for at least a dozen hours a day, and he hates to exercise. Previously, he’d explained that he would find ways of avoiding using certain dishes or accessing files if it required him to squat and bend down to get them—that’s how much of an aversion he had to physical activity. Still, he made a resolution to get in shape. He joined a gym, hired

  • For someone who’s never worked out to start working out two hours a day, five days a week, is a surefire dead end. You have to build a program that you can do for fifty years, not five weeks, or five months.